What You Need To Know About Judge Neil Gorsuch

What You Need To Know About Judge Neil Gorsuch
UPDATE 2-01-17 -
Gorsuch has not decided any cases that directly spoke to LGBT rights. But as an attorney in 2005, Gorsuch wrote an article for the National Review in which he argued that liberals are using the courts too much. He cited same-sex marriage:

Gorsuch has been a reliable right wing ideologue since college, when he wrote articles attacking liberal protestors and even defending President Reagan’s handling of the Iran Contra affair.
· Gorsuch spent his private practice career representing big corporate clients against shareholders and has taken a hostile view towards plaintiffs in class action suits.
 Gorsuch’s views on administrative law could be described as even more extreme than Scalia’s – his judicial philosophy would decimate the government’s regulatory powers on issues like the environment and labor protections
 As a judge, Gorsuch has repeatedly sided with corporations against their workers in disputes involving wrongful terminations, employee benefits, compensation, and other key labor issues. 
· Gorsuch has regularly sided with hard-right religious conservatives, opining that employers can avoid ACA requirements based on religious objections to coverage for women’s health needs.

Donald Trump’s Litmus Tests For Supreme Court Nominees
Donald Trump promised his Supreme Court nominee would be an anti-abortion hardliner.
Trump said that the justices he planned to appoint to the Supreme Court would repeal Roe v. Wade.
He claimed opposing abortion would be a litmus test for anyone he would nominate to the Supreme Court (State Of The Union, CNN, 6/28/15).
Donald Trump said he “would certainly be asking” his potential Supreme Court nominee’s position on abortion.

Donald Trump promised his Supreme Court nominee would resemble one of the Supreme Court’s conservative ideologues.
Donald Trump described the person he’d nominate to the Supreme Court variously as, Antonin “Scalia reincarnated,” “as close to Scalia as I could find” (Fox & Friends, Fox News, 3/16/16), “in the mold of Justice Scalia.”

Donald Trump said Clarence Thomas was his favorite justice of the Supreme Court.
Donald Trump said his Supreme Court nominee must get the blessing of the far-right Federalist Society
Trump said his Supreme Court nominee would launch a politically motivated investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server, though the Supreme Court has no authority to launch investigations.
Donald Trump promised his Supreme Court nominee would hold an absolutist opinion on unlimited gun rights.

Trump said upholding the decision in District of Columbia v. Heller should be a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees. (Morning Joe Town Hall, MSNBC, Charleston SC, 2/17/16)
Trump said the Supreme Court should defend gun rights, and said the Supreme Court was “under siege.” (Presidential Debate, Las Vegas NV, 10/19/16)

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